Hello all! My name is Matt. I am a certified tutor and mentor. I am a Mechanical Engineer by day and a tutor by night! I LOVE to teach  people math and other skills that will not only help them in school but will also help them with everyday life. I help people understand and break down fears associated with math, schooling, testing and stress so that they can achieve their full potential and dreams. I have tutored people that are deaf and or blind along with students in college who are in the developmental program. My primary focus is the youth and early education. But do not fear, I do tutor and mentor adults as well.

I don’t know about you, but when I was in Middle school and High school, I did not enjoy math. Why? Because I could not understand it or grasp the concept of what was going on, too many numbers! I didn’t hate or dislike math itself, just the fact I could not understand it and when you cant understand what is going on, it can be challenging and miserable! But now that I actually see what is happening, and how to use it everyday for things I need, I really enjoy it. The numbers actually make sense now!

I use a variety of methods to teach concepts and facts. I use visual aids, pictures and whatever resources I can to promote proper learning and growth. I teach ways to use critical thinking skills to answer the problems and ways to approach said problems.

Let me give you a personal story of why thinking outside the box can help ANYONE with their carer. This was about 4 years ago. A young lady came into to get some ideas and help for her photography degree. She was currently working on a math 1010 class which is a standard gen ed class at all universities. She was struggling with the class and came to see me for help. She posed the question that ALL my students always 100% without a doubt ask me… “If i am only going into photography and art, why do i need math?” I put my head down and laughed. She giggled and said she was serious. Here was my reply: “I will do all that i can to teach you the proper, effective ways to critically think about math so that you can be successful in your testing and carer. In return, i want you to take the skills i teach you and use your creative mind that you have and apply them to photography and art.” She was still confused and asked me “how am i supposed to apply adding and subtracting skills to taking pictures?” of course she was sarcastic but i smiled and said ” It’s not the addition and subtraction that is going to make your photos better, it’s the ability to solve a complicated math problem in MORE THAN ONE WAY, that will make you a better photographer!!” i then concluded “Please do me a favor and just take good notes, follow the procedures i show you and your brain and creative genius will do the rest. Do we have a deal?” She agreed.

Four months of tutoring everyday go by and not once did she complain about how stupid it was. Granted she got frustrated with the material but she did end up passing her final. A few weeks go by and she comes into see me. She told me that i was right. I said “How so?” She continued “Turns out that when you use the critical thinking skills of math to solve a simple algebraic problem in more than one way, your brain begins to see things in a new light. I used to take photos only one particular way, but once i was finished with math, i noticed how i was taking photos in a completely new and better way. my creative mind was opened!”

Math is not just there to make us miserable, it is its own language and once you speak it, the world turns differently. It has been scientifically proven that those who actively engage their mind in math for at least 30-45 minutes a day, are more creative, can handle and manage projects easier, get promotions at jobs and are better at handling stress.

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